Passing By.

Mate, I saw you slip by thinking I wouldn’t notice. You must be stupid.

Is it my attitude you don’t like? Are you scared, scared of what I will do or the comment I may make about you. Is it because you are afraid, afraid I may notice your queerness, your campness, your gayness

Mate, you were not my target today. I saw a man with one leg and I gave out to him. He’ll never walk by me again and I’ll be on his mind. Like the woman in the wheelchair, she shops at the Co’ each morning before 9, scared I might be round the corner, waiting. She does’nt want to be called out by me you see.

No mate, today was a good day, today I called out on loads. What do those politicians call it; equality. I’m equality mate, I get them all in one day. No violence, not needed when I can get a laugh from my mates and a snigger from people around.

So your poofy, bent and faggot ways don’t interest me today. I got me some blacks, paki’s and an ugly tranny looking bird. I’ll save you for another day.

So mate, I don’t give a toss what’s going on in the world, whether we are in or out, at war or peace. I’ll be standing here always, and you’ll be avoiding me.

Passing By (2)

God! It is him again. Standing with his friends. OK, let’s get by and we are fine. Walk quickly, head up and focus on the shop window.

Right I’m by! Nothing today, thank god. He’s always here, waiting. I see him hanging around. Usually with an eye on passers by. Jeez, even a group of young ones are better to walk by than this old croc!

Things should be better but at least I can sometimes get by. I count my blessings that the colour of my skin or that I can move unhindered saves me. You see, I pass. Not everyone does, even I don’t sometimes. He’s like someone with targets to meet. I doubt he even knows what a protected characteristic is.

Well he didn’t get me you see. My stubble is strong, my binder is tight. I’ve practiced my walk and lowered my talk. Yes, he calls me poof and faggot but he doesn’t get at ‘me’ you see. Still I try to avoid, knowing that I must ‘pass’ by. I’ll be walking by always; and have to pass by.

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