The impact of YouTubers on my life.

In the last few years I’ve become fascinated by people on YouTube. In the past I would watch TV to relax after work. Now this has evolved into watching clips from my favourite YouTubers. There are similarities with TV watching to YouTube viewing. It can depend on how you feel or a current interest that keeps you searching, like you can do with the TV on in the corner (or the wall if you are very modern!). To me the YouTubers I watch, I would say, are similar to those fly-on-the-wall documentaries you would catch late on BBC2. They are now called reality TV but I remember being intrigued by Paul Watson’s The Family or A Change of Sex, both by the BBC. This was a medium to follow real lives, or as real as it can be with cameras. Reality TV has gone in a different direction, and so has my viewing; to YouTube.

At first it was discovering a community of people vlogging about storage and how they organised their bedroom, kitchen, house and shared tips on how to do it and what to purchase. Fascinating but a bit long for me. I did buy some boxes and stuffed things in.

Gradually I found Kirsten Dirksen and this opened up a whole new community. Kirsten’s channel concentrated on people who lived in small, unusual and adaptable spaces. This is a professional channel, particularly because Kirsten is a documentary maker. So I’m always excited to see a new documentary because that is what they are to me. Kirsten is using her lens to show the life’s of people who lead alternative ones; in small spaces or as sustainable living. they act as a learning opportunity for me as someone who lives in a small flat, how to adapt and how to design an adaptable space on budgets. People may say these are a focus on people who have dropped out. I’d say this is not the case, it is people living a different life.

For more have a look at this from Kirsten Dirksen:

Since finding Kirsten’s channel I have moved onto a love of canal boat living, people who travel and sustainable living. So these are the channels I find offer some relaxation after a busy day (I work part-time but it is still busy!) or a hot bath (I know, the phone is going to drop at some point) but ones I find offer me some learning.

Flow with Mylo is a new discovery for me and what he creates is a lifestyle that appeals. He lives with his wife and dog on a canal boat. After a year or two of watching canal boat vlogs which inevitably will focus on the toilet situation ( I wonder if it is a British obsession, like the weather?). Flow with Mylo offers an insight into his life on his boat, but also his alternative lifestyle as an artist and performer. It is perhaps because he has editorial control and is well edited to give the feel of a short docu/vlog. So this one gave me a notion to go to Victoria Park in London.

Flow with Mylo is encouraging me to travel as well as relax. That is a benefit I see in good Vlogging, finding that hook into your life and experience that helps to engage the viewer to dream of and create a different way of life.

While I may see myself living in a canalboat I perhaps don’t see myself living full-time in a RV or van. If I do I’ve got many tips on how to, and also how to earn some money. About Wings is interesting because it is about a young couple who are living in their camper Mercury. Their channel acts as a travel vlog as well as a living and working on the road vlog. What is interesting about YouTubers is the diversity of the work they do to sustain their life. I admire them their tenacity and also, like About Wings, their non-filtered lifestyle living in a van, travelling and making ends meet. Here is a sample.

I know I couldn’t vlog. I’m not sure what hook I could use to make it appealing. Otherwise it would be a guy in specs just having a moan. I do that in the office anyway.

To be admired is the way vloggers open their lives out to us the viewer. Comments are easy to leave and people can be quite critical. I’ve not seen this so much with these channels, but I know it is out there. The appeal of an alternative lifestyle is one to admire. These channels and others have offered me an action/reflection model on my life. I got very excited when my local council gave me a food waste bin so I could increase my recycling. I used to buy a lot of clothes but now value and think of the contribution each item makes to me. I can or have to do this because I work part-time, study and have debt. So my viewing works on that case of, theirs a way of living, how do they do it, can I adapt that lifestyle to mine and finally, let’s give this a try. Before the influence on me was TV, now it is YouTube.

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