Murkowski and Collins Are Not the Feminist Heroes You Want Them To Be
Naomi LaChance

This is political theater. Sens. Murkowski and Collins came out days ago against this for reasons which relate both to their states and to the political realities of the senate. They have fairly safe seats and can thus take the political hit, if any, better than they could withstand the fallout from a lousy bill.

By doing so, they made the calculus for other senators in their party comparatively simple-only one of them had to vote against this when push came to shove and Sen. McCain is basically bullet-proof at this point. Theatrics are part and parcel for Congress and McCain even got to twist a knife in THREE people at once-Sen. McConnell, VP Pence and Trump (“I prefer people who don’t get captured”).

If I recall correctly, under senate rules, the reconciliation process used here cannot be used on an ACA repeal for at least a year and any other efforts will face a cloture vote needing 60 votes to limit debate. McCain essentially “rescued” Republicans by moving the bill to the floor and then drove a stake through its heart. I’m from AZ. I’m absolutely positive that he planned all of this, in consultation with other senators.

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