How to invest with Minnodes platform

Apr 5, 2019 · 2 min read

We are release Minnodes platform to the public, this manual will explain how to use the platform to invest in other coins

Step 1: Sign-in

  • Go to Minnodes platform and sign-in with discord or MinID (if you do not have a MINID account, please sign-up first).
  • Click Shared MN you will see all coins listed on Minnodes platform available for investment.
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Minnodes Shared Masternode service

Step 2: Deposit

  • Click Wallets in the left menu and choose the coin you want to deposit.
  • Press Generate wallet address to display your unique wallet address.
  • Press Copy Address to save it to your computer or use “QR Code” to get the address’s QR code which can be scanned and saved to your smartphone
  • Send coin from your desktop wallet to the provided address.
  • Once you get about 15 confirmations for your deposit transaction, Minnodes will update your account balance.
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Get wallet address for deposit

Step 3: Invest

  • Back to Minnodes platform , click Shared MN.
  • Choose the coin you want to invest and click Invest
  • Once pool have enough coins for masternode,mastenode will be created automatic
  • After the Masternode reward transaction is confirmed, it will be distributed automatically to all Masternode seat owners. Our fee will be charged to each seat owner (about 2–5%)
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Investment on Minnodes Platform

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