Book Barter App

Product Plan

The first step was to understand the product and how it works.Therefore, I scheduled user interview session with 3 of my connections who is mainly into book reading.One of the user was an organiser of a book barter organisation on social media.

During the interview sessions the main points of discussion were :

  1. Define user persona.
  2. Barter Process.
  3. Problems in current process.
  4. The points that demotivate user.
  5. The psychology of user behaviour.

After the session it was time for define. Compilation of the research and observations of users pain points.

In this step I came up with :

  1. User Persona
  2. Concept and Use Cases
User Persona Board
Concept and Use Cases


I picked use case 1,2 and 3 for design the user flow.Started with design solution brain storming to design wireframes.


Brain Storming Sketches
Use Case 1
Use Case 2 and 3


Now was the time to visualise the screens.The theme what I wanted to create is something new and fresh look.User should not get bored and the visuals must act as a catalyst to the complete browsing barter experience.

High Fidelity Samples
Book Result
Add Trade
Happy Reading


I had a great weekend just interacting with the user and understanding their behaviour about reading books and barter.Still there are use cases pending.The next step would be collection user feedback and build design solutions covering more use cases.