Importance of Project Management for FYPs

Project Management (PM) plays an important role in software lifecycle as it leads to successful competition of any project whether its a Final year project (FYP) or not. But most of the people think that PM does not have much impact on FYPs. This article will explain the importance of PM for FYPs and will brief on how to manage your project to complete it on time and obtain good grades.

According to the nature of FYPs its duration is normally within one year. It is very important to stick to a specific plan and complete the project on time to to reduce the stress that most of the students go through during the final project submission days.

PM process includes :

  1. Selection of Project Management Methodology

Project management methodologies are used to optimize resources, to have a flow throughout project’s lifecycle with minimum wasted effort and to successfully meet project’s deadlines. Some of the problems that may occur due to not following a methodology are higher costs and risks, inefficiencies, and inability to meet deadlines.

When choosing the most suitable methodology the following points should be considered.

  • Dividing the project into easily controllable and manageable stages.
  • Ability for the stakeholders to constantly get involved in reviews and feedback.
  • Involving principles of risk management and challenge management.

2. Work Breakdown Structure

Work break down should be structured according to the project’s objectives.

3. Resource Allocation

The hardware and software requirements and development technologies and tools needed for the project should be identified.

4. Time Allocation

Time allocation should be done according to the workload and the complexity level in each project phase. A detailed Gantt chart should be created to plan the time utilization. It will also help to identify the progress through the project duration.

5. Risk Identification and Mitigation

There can be several risks arising during the project’s life cycle which can affect the success of the project, hence it is important to identify the potential risks, impact and should come up with a mitigation plan to avoid them. A simple example would be laptop crash and virus attacks, to avoid the risk should keep a regular backup of project files.

6. Monitoring Criteria

A Monitoring Criteria is important as it helps in understanding whether the project is satisfactorily progressing according to the plan. This can be supervised by the mentor as well as yourself.

7. Selection of Software Development Methodology

The methodology should be chosen according to the nature of the project and considering the possible risks that can occur during the project’s lifecycle. The main aim of carrying out a project management selection process is to select the most suitable methodology for the project. Comparison of methodologies is a must for this process.

Waterfall, Agile, Prototyping and Spiral are the most commonly used software development methodologies around the world. Since most of the FYPs are research projects, changes may occur at any phase of the process. Unlike Agile, Spiral and Prototyping, Waterfall methodology does not cater to the requirement of change management and iterative testing as testing is being done only after completing implementation phase.

Agile methodology is more suitable and useful for teamwork oriented environments where periodic updates needs to be communicated with the members. Spiral methodology has the following advantages compared to other methodologies.

  • It is an iterative process which can adapt to changes. Since FYPs include a research part new requirements and significant changes may occur, these can be supported by the model.
  • Includes extensive use of prototypes to obtain users and experts feedback before the final product, this will help in producing a better solution according to the user requirements.
  • Testing is done iteratively it will help to reduce the number of bugs of the final product.
  • Risk management is given a high priority and requires documentation in intermediate stages.

Working and Structuring your project according to the above points will help you in successfully completing your projects. Good Luck :)