A Bar a day

Well by the looks of it, we might actually have another bar ( or more!) very soon. Wait a minute. Not actually.

After a few of those fabulous cocktails that we are so famous for ( or so we like to believe, you see self appraisal is the only way to keep yourself motivated when you are an entrepreneur) everyone wants to open a bar with us. Like seriously. Getting a proposal every weekend has become a norm, and now we have finally come to terms with it. We wonder in amazement now, when guests ( post a few ) take us in a corner, and say those three magical words — “I can invest”. And then we set ourselves for another heartbreak, exchange numbers, to set up a meeting next week, and never meet.

This probably comes from the fact that what we do , is a dream to many. A bar of your own, is by far on top of the bucket list for many, and just the fact that we have one, makes us so very thankful. Here’s raising a toast to seeing your dream come true.

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