The origins

Well, what you are about to read is an honest confession ( rather rant) of a Bar owner, who runs a small establishment in Gurgaon, a hustling bustling metropolis for an outsider, but really just another city in India, full of multi cultural references, and migratory population. Many aspiring corporates, and artistes co exist in harmony, and here we are trying to be the bridging point for the ones who like to mingle. We are equally entertaining for a lonely drinker, or for a 40th bash ( apparently we are THE place to celebrate the big 4! )

This has taken us a good 3 and a half years to start. Not the bar, this blog. It all comes from the intrinsic laziness to pen it all down v/s blurting it out! Yes its an art, to be able to make it readable, but for those of you who know us, we are far better at just chatting up. This little project of ours is just to share the highs, the lows, and the madness that we have gone through ( and go through) everyday, while we do what we love.

Many call us the “Date Test bar”, which precisely means what it says. A second date is a surety if the date takes a liking to speaks.( AKA Cocktails and Dreams, Speakeasy, later on the name). If they don’t, then its not meant to be. ( or so we like to believe).

So here goes! Read on and we would love to hear back from you !

PS: If you are planning on opening your own bar someday, then this is best avoided ! We do not wish to deter, but just to divulge!


Back to a bit of the history , it all started back in 2003, when I met Yangdup, as I was one of the many directionless college students, figuring what the hell to do in life. Hotel management, didnt really excite me much! When we ( a friend and I) first Met Yangdup, he was an up & coming Bar consultant, and a private party hotshot. For a little bit of extra pocket money we tended the bar, and that is where I found the destiny of my life! Alcoholic beverages! It was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me, and as they rest is history.

Our first ever Bar project , was drawn up in 2005 , and that xl sheet is probably the most precious thing I saved on my computer. It was one bit of happiness that I revisited time and again on those caffeine driven corporate presentation nights, where all one did was contribute to the traffic jam in Cyber City ( or so I felt!) . It was time to kick the boot, get the guts, and make it all happen. And it happened. The awards, the accolades, the star ratings, and the love. We couldn’t even have dreamt of it honestly.

That xl sheet really became a reality finally in the December of 2012, when Cocktails and Dreams, Speakeasy opened up.

It was a decision we took, not in haste but not with too much risk analysis either. Armed with an XL sheet, and a dream in our eyes, we got on to the incredible journey.

We put in all our money, opened the bar, and waited for guests to walk in. How so naive.

— — — — — — — -x — — — — — — —

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