PAWS.FUND will help animals

I’m not a professional writer but I will try to explain my thoughts about PAWS coin. I see excellent potential in this coin, I think PAWS is awesome and very interesting project.

Coin name: PAWS.FUND.

The symbol code of this cryptocurrency is PAWS.

On today November 30, 2018, PAWS costs $0,596466 USD (4,72%) and it takes the place 1935 in cryptocurrency rating. Source

On their sight PAWS is positioning as a non-profit charity blockchain project developed out of our LOVE and strictly for the benefit of our furry Pet/Animal companions and family members.

I think that the project PAWS will have a great success due to the fact that there are so many people around the world who have Pets/Animals and they are very attached to them. There are also a large number of animal protectors and people focusing on the problems of homeless animals and at condemnation of cruel treatment of animals.

PAWS commitment and pledge to fight all Pet/Animal charitable needs, including food/care/and all medical needs.

The project PAWS proposed to create secure, decentralized, free from ads, and data-for sale, social network and hub for Pet/Animal owners and caretakers with detailed registry of all Pets/Animals, with an easy to use and intuitive quick data specifics and uploads to the PAWS network.

Fully transparent blockchain explorer and tracking for any and all use of PAWS funds.

I consider the main advantage of the project PAWS is non-commercial orientation, a strong team and a large number of caring people who are not indifferent to “the tiniest creatures”. I believe the coin PAWS will help animals.

I am sure that the PAWS project has a great future and it will have a great success in directing the team’s efforts to such coordinates from the Marketing mix theory as Promotion and Place.

Link to PAWS Discord:

Link to PAWS forum:

I wish PAWS great success! You have everything for this.