Instructions for MATIC holders: FLINT Airdrop

Mint Flint
Dec 5, 2019 · 2 min read

MintFlint will be airdropping to all MATIC holders.

Airdrop date for IOS holders: 9th December 2019

1 Matic = 0.02 Flint

Total airdrop: 200 million Flints

In order to receive your Flint tokens, you must hold your Matic on Binance.

Exchange (Binance)

If you’re already holding your Matic on Binance, you do not have to move them, you can simply connect your exchange to MintFlint using view-only API keys. Note: MintFlint only accepts view-only API keys.

  1. Login to Binance and scroll over your profile in the top right corner. You’ll find “API Management”.

2. Create a new API key

3. Edit restrictions

Binance enables trading permissions by default. You must disable this.

4. Disable Trading

Note: Do not allow Trade or Withdraw.

5. Store your “Key” and “Secret”. In the next few steps, you’ll be inputing these into MintFlint.

6. Download MintFlint from the AppStore:

Note: If you currently do not have an IOS device, please wait until we launch MintFlint on Android. You will be able to follow the remaining steps on your Android device soon.

7. Click on your Mints balance.

8. Click on “Get Airdrop”

9. Select MATIC.

10. Select Exchange

11. Choose Binance

12. Input your API key and secret.

MintFlint will automatically detect your MATIC balance.

13. You’re all done! Enjoy your FLINT. You can use them on the platform or withdraw tokens to any Ethereum address/trade on Atomars exchange.

Mint Flint

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