Tell Us: What Are You Reading on Medium in Other Languages?

Help us identify and spotlight the best non-English content.

At Medium, we're always on the lookout for amazing content — and not just content in English. That's why we launched Medium International: to highlight the best of Medium in other languages. We're translating these posts into English, as well as pointing readers to the posts in the original language.

Our language editors around the world are hard at work scouring Medium for the most interesting, important, and compelling content. But we can use your help, and some of you have been asking how to recommend great non-English content.

So we're opening it up a line of communication here. Leave a response on this post and tell us what you're reading in other languages on Medium.

This will allow the various members of our international team to see your recommendations, including our editors and translators of Medium International, Medium em Português, Medium en español, Medium France, Medium Russian, Medium auf Deutsch, Medium Italiano, Medium Polska, Medium Türkiye, and Medium Japan.

What are you reading in other languages on Medium? Write a response below.

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