5 Celebrities Who Keep a Journal

Not only do some celebrities of the 21st century use journals, but many historical figures who became iconic innovators, artists, and creators used journals to manage their thoughts and ideas too.

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Many people who speak about the benefits of journaling often point to the idea that using a journal is a great method to stay organised and work towards success. There is evidence to suggest that using a journal is indeed a great way to become more successful. What is this evidence? Many famous people who are successful in their respective fields have used, or still use, journals to organize their lives and maintain their success.

Not only do some celebrities of the 21st century use journals, but many historical figures who became iconic innovators, artists, and creators used journals to manage their thoughts and ideas too.

So, what do modern celebrities think about journalling? Let’s find out!

Jennifer Aniston

Hollywood film star Jennifer Aniston uses a journal, or at least that’s what those close to her say: ”Jen has been keeping journals since she was 13 years old. She considers them to be her therapy sessions. Jen had never mentioned her journals before, but she says there are six of them now. They’re all simple leather diaries, locked away in a safe in her home. Every boyfriend, every relationship, her friendships, her work, her family — all of them are dissected on those pages. Jen is not the type to get into huge, verbal altercations with her boyfriends; her way of dealing with relationship issues has always been to write in her diary, then have a discussion. That way she always has the upper hand in fights, and never loses control,”. This quote also reminds us that journals can be personalised — they’re not only to make short lists of tasks for work/school, but to reflect on our thoughts, feelings and ideas. A great benefit of journalling is that it helps you become more mindful.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga also knows that it’s important to stay in tune with your thoughts: “As she tours the world, Gaga notes everything down in her journal. It contains her thoughts, feelings, sketches, pictures and even letters between herself and mum Cynthia”.

Emma Watson

Actress Emma Watson also keeps her thoughts in a diary. She has used journals and diaries for years now — a clear sign that she’s personally experienced the benefits and advantages that journals offer. She said, “I don’t know what it is. I’ve always kept and collected things, and I’ve always been interested in the idea of diaries. I must have 10 different personal diaries: I keep a dream diary, I keep a yoga diary, I keep diaries on people that I’ve met and things that they’ve said to me, advice that they’ve given me. I keep an acting journal. I keep collage books.”

Jessica Simpson

Just as many of us keep notes about work in our journals — tasks to complete, people to contact, emails to send and co-workers to meet, for example — singers conduct much of their business using journals too. They need great songs, and where better to write them than in your journal? Singer Jessica Simpson has used her journal for songwriting — she once said, “It (writing in a diary) is very, very therapeutic. There is a lot about heartbreak, there is a lot about perseverance. I used it as inspiration for my album. I used certain journal excerpts from certain journal entries. It has been an awesome experience for me”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Famous actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt says “I like to write. I’ve gone through different phases in my life of writing in a journal more or less frequently, but it’s something I turn to, especially when I’m trying to work through something that’s vexing me.” He says that journaling helps him to think more clearly and come to new answers or conclusions.

There are undoubtedly more 21st century celebrities who keep journals, that we don’t know about. It’s clear that using a journal to keep your work, your school, thoughts or feelings in order has many positive impacts which help people achieve their short- and long-term goals, whether you’re a celebrity or not.

Journals and diaries have also been used by prominent historical figures who’ve shaped much of the world’s history. Important architects, artists, scientific figures and authors have used journals to structure the foundation for their works.

A great example of this is the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci, who pursued many fields besides art. He also was an important inventor and mathematician. Da Vinci used a journal and made many notes in there which are still incredibly significant today. Einstein also used a journal, and he too is recognized for the important contributions he made to the field of science.

Journals have also been used by many important leaders to stay organised and to reflect on their activities. An example of such a leader is the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who used a journal himself.

Overall, we can see that many successful people of historical significance used journals, as well as many entertainers and celebrities who have millions of fans around the world. While these people became successful through hard work, skill and talent, using journals certainly helped these important figures reach success through maintaining organisation and mindfulness.

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