Lips Tricks: How to take care of a deaf cat

Meet Grace.

Cats are awesome! But what about a disabled cat? A disabled cat is a cat and thus still awesome! There are a few things you do differently around a deaf cat but for the most part they’re like all other cats. Sometimes they respond to you, sometimes they won’t, and a cat does what a cat does. The following are some characteristics of a deaf cat.

  1. Deaf cats often have white fur. Grace has a white belly.
  2. Their deafness doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re sick. They’re just deaf.
  3. Their meow is loud.
  4. They may not exactly pronounce “meow” in the traditional American Cat dialect.
  5. I think my cat may be French according to this chart.
  6. Don’t worry if they are hungry, they will let you know.
  7. Ugh, shut up, cat. I’m feeding you right now. Can’t you see this.
  8. Come up with a hand motion that you only do when you feed them.
  9. If they want cuddles, they will also let you know.
  10. Cats have whiskers which is their sixth sense. So a deaf cat has five senses so don’t get all self-righteous, human.
  11. Don’t pet a deaf cat when they can’t see you.
  12. Don’t spook them.
  13. Instead, wave a hand in front of their whiskers so they know it’s you.
  14. Then proceed to pet your cat and give them all the love.
  15. AND PERHAPS BEST OF ALL you can use the vacuum whenever you need to. They can’t hear the vacuum — most cats are scared of such a monster. The deaf cat, if they notice the vacuum at all, will stare at it wondering what is this thing. You have no excuse for a dirty house.

12. And lastly, deaf cats like selfies. They are technologically proficient.

Deaf cats are the future.