Haute & Handmade: Designer Products Made in the USA

In the quest for high-end, quality products, the search can sometimes take you just down the block. As the push for American-made goods strengthens, some brands are welcoming the spotlight into their haute and handmade goods that have always had their roots firmly planted in American soil.

American-made goods mean increased oversight and quality control, as well as superb quality that lasts. If you’re looking to add well-made clothing manufactured in the U.S.A to your wardrobe, here are a few pieces to add.

AG Jeans

AG focuses on creative chic, sophisticated and classic pieces. AG jeans are made in the company’s facilities, which allows them to monitor and control the production process. The facilities use a specialty technology to cut water consumption, use eco-friendly fibers, and thoroughly invest in the latest energy efficient technology.

Ballykirk Belts

In 1999, two brothers came together to create a leather and canvas and design company in an effort to create lasting items that got better with age. Ballykirk, in partnership with three other U.S. based manufacturers, creates a variety of goods sold throughout the world. The company’s small leather goods and bags are handmade with a strong focus on function, longevity, and well-sourced materials.

Mint Tradition Hats

Mint Tradition is an accessory line created by Jack Elway and Geoff Muller. The brand specifically focuses on handmade, quality leather hats. The leather used represents 2% of the hides in Europe and patinas to perfection over time. Their products are responsibly sourced and a leather manufacturer in Florida creates the brand’s signature padded watch straps that serve as each hat’s adjustable back strap.

Public School Jackets

Formulated by two native New Yorkers, Public School garments are not just made in America, they’re specifically manufactured in the designers’ state. The brand initially created men’s wear and eventually jumped into women’s wear as well. The design team has won numerous awards and their quality jackets are highly acclaimed.

Oaks Street Footwear

Oak Street Bootmakers was founded by the son of a cobbler who apprenticed at his father’s shop and sought to preserve the heritage of fine shoemaking. Oak Street boots are constructed from Horween Chromexcel leather, which undergoes more than 80 separate processes throughout the brand’s facility in Chicago. For more than 100 years, the shoemaker has stayed consistent in its process to create shoes and boots that use soft, supple, and durable leather.

Duluth Packs

Duluth Pack has a number of accessories to choose from whether you’re a businessman or a jet setter on the go. Duluth Packs have been handcrafted since 1882. With every handmade product, you can find the sewist’s name right on the tag. The brand makes high-quality canvas and leather packs, luggage, briefcases, and more, with a lifetime warranty.