“ While some indications show that a transgender’s [sic] gender identity needs to be confirmed and…

Despite your crass language, a sign of poor argumentation skills, I’ll respond since you are so determined to prove me wrong. You asked for citation, so see the link below. Of course you won’t believe it since it’s from National Review, but if you go to the article they have links to two videos from transgender people who de-transitioned. Both videos are criticizing the writings of Julia Serrano. The first one questions the ease with which she was given access to hormones with barely any questions. Those “gatekeepers” are not working nearly as well as you think they are, and I would bet it’s because the left has influenced the APA to promote transitioning as the only choice possible.


As for your quote about all the transgender suicides due to the horror “my people” inflict, how is transitioning going to help that? If the cause is all due to “my people”, presumably how we all treat them, how does transitioning even come into the picture? Or are you just taking an opportunity to spout off about general complaints?

“ The reason why non-discrimination laws exist is because the problems become systematic, not because it’s an issue with just one doctor.”

Please show evidence that this has become systematic. BTW, “systematic” denotes at least a majority of doctors refusing to accommodate you.

“ Reality has a liberal bias”. This reality certainly does, especially since those studies you quote are by liberal-leaning groups. There’s no doubt what the desired outcome of those studies is. Other studies have shown a frightening amount of errors and sloppy reporting even in peer-reviewed studies which has gotten worse in the last 10–20 years or so. See article below from Reason magazine. A healthy skepticism in new areas of research would seem to be in order, especially when it comes to efforts to change the sex of human beings.

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