No, the judge is totally correct.
Rev David Huber

I’m sorry you feel that way. Of course, Christianity is also the source of many of the charitable acts that have characterized our country throughout its history. I guess none of that counts in your book though.

The only reason many courts are starting to rule in this way is because of direction from the SC. Many judges are also far-left leaning as well. Just because judges are ruling this way doesn’t make it right. Or do you think the Dredd Scott decision, and acts of Congress before that mandating the return of fugitive slaves, were correct because that’s what many in the country were doing at the time?

Do you feel that if you own a t-shirt business you can be compelled to print custom pro-KKK shirts, just because someone will pay you money for it? If so, then there’s no use for further discussion since you really wouldn’t be all about “treating people right” but instead in favor of “forcing people to act the way you want them to”. Hopefully that’s not what you want, but your answer suggests that it is.

BTW, it’s not the same as serving people a restaurant, or selling something off the store shelf in any other business. The items this business sells haven’t been created with, and to create them they have to know something about the people (yes, their names will reveal if they are a same-sex couple most of the time). Once they know that fact, then they should be able to refuse to provide their creative product if it supports an idea they don’t agree with.

And what would be the harm with a same-sex couple finding another business that DOES want to provide them with the product they want? Unlike the bad old days of racial discrimination, it is highly unlikely that another business is unavailable, especially with the age of the internet. SOMEONE is going to want that couple’s business, and there will almost certainly be nothing standing in the way of their providing the that service unlike in the pre-civil rights days where discrimination was enforced by law or unwritten custom which had real consequences for those who violated them.

Let the couple serve who they want, and if someone feels offended by it they can spread the news far and wide on social media while bringing their business elsewhere. The market can be a much better monitor of “good” behavior than heavy-handed laws like the one Phoenix has.

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