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No, it’s not a fair analogy. There are a lot of unknowns about gender dysphoria. While some indications show that a transgender’s gender identity needs to be confirmed and supported for the best results, there are cases of those who were told they should be transgender and later decided that they really were not. Is it really advisable to just start prescribing medication to someone because they have unease about their biological sex? Is it advisable to give someone hormones that are going to make changes to their body and possibly their mental state (yes, some or all these changes are reversible, but should we be putting people through this?)? I don’t think all of the scientific answers are in on this despite what TP and the other liberal outlets want us to believe, so allowing doctors to use their best judgment on treating a condition I think is the best way to go. And if one doctor doesn’t agree with you that you should have hormones to make you more like the sex you want to be, then you should be able to find another one who will.

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