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We are very excited to start our mintyfusion “Food Truck of the Week” series - Each week, we will introduce and give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of our Food Truck Partners while giving you exclusive access to a DE-LI-CIOUS mintyfusion exclusive deal! Check out how you can order from our amazing selection of gourmet partners and get in on the #SaveTimeNoLine life at:

Bobbie’s — Authentic Indian & Fusion

This week, we are extremely excited to introduce Bobbie’s, one of the newest additions to the mintyfusion foodie family.

Bobbie’s is an East Indian Fusion Food Truck founded 4 months ago by Bobbie and his parents. Having appeared in the Vancouver Food Truck community 4 months ago, Bobbie’s blends authentic flavours from Bobbie’s family recipes with Western and Eastern food concepts to bring Vancouver the first “ma and pa” style food truck featuring East Indian fusion food.

Bobbie’s aims to foster a community of food lovers that are treated like family through sharing of authentic Indian flavours and passion for food.

Fun facts about Bobbie’s:
  • The Bobbie’s homemade recipe came to be when Bobbie’s father
  • experimented with blending his East Indian fish recipe with chicken.
Bobbie’s Origin Story:

Bobbie’s began from the passion and commitment Bobbie’s family has for cooking and good food. After watching a food truck commercial, Bobbie’s parents were set on the prospect of sharing their passion for food by running a food truck. In order to bring their vision to reality, Bobbie, a UBC marketing graduate, spent 18 months researching and building the food truck. By the summer of the 2015, Bobbie’s was born.

Featured Item of the Week — Butter Chicken

Bobbie’s signature item is its Butter Chicken. Based on Bobbie’s family recipe, you can get a half or full order of Butter Chicken with rice which includes a house salad and homemade na’an.

Interested in having a taste? If you use the app, mintyfusion will take 10% off your purchase of this signature item anytime from Wednesday, November 25th — Monday, November 30th.

What’s next for Bobbie’s?

“Share our passion for cooking and our unique flavours to the Vancouver Foodie community” (Bobbie)

Bobbie’s intends to develop a tight community of food lovers around their food truck. However, they have begun experimenting and developing new menu items. You can “click here” to find out what’s new with Bobbie’s.

Bobbie’s will also be 1 of the 10 food trucks featured at the Vancouver Winter Wonderland event at the PNE this winter holiday!

Where can you find Bobbie’s?

Bobbie’s is open from 11AM — 3PM on the following dates / locations:

For more information


or Twitter @bobbiefoodtruck

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