Why Do You Need mintyfusion?

What happens when the rush starts and your establishment gets slammed? Your customers are forced to wait in line. Some will stay, others will leave based on their time restraints, or level of patience.

Your staff scrambles to fulfill orders from customers in store, or those that call in. Phone orders can be a lengthy process, tying up a staff member that may face language issues, indecision and the need to cater to a customer’s dietary restrictions. Meanwhile, frustrated customers continue to wait.

Imagine a service that lets you offload call in orders where all the customer’s questions are answered with detailed item descriptions, tags and images. Your staff simply acknowledges the incoming order and sends it directly to the kitchen.

You can build relationships with these customers as you know their names, the frequency of their visits and what they usually order. Your workflow becomes more efficient as you get to retain potentially loyal customers. They may not have the time to wait in line to place an order, or to endure a further wait to pick up while your kitchen prepares it. Make it easy for them to order, eliminate the wait and they will return repeatedly.

Think of it as improving your customer experience and a smart new way to build your business.

mintyfusion is a platform that can help you become more efficient without sacrificing quality or customer experience.

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