66 Small Happiness Habits You Can Do Every Day

Recently, I and my blog followers did the 66 Days To Happiness Challenge.

During the challenge, every day we did one happiness exercise — a funercise!

Now, I have decided to publish a full list of 66 ways to feel happy for everyone who wants to start their own challenge on their own terms. Remember, these are only ideas — just do way makes you happy and soon joy will take over most of your life and you will be….happy.

Why 66?

As I explain on the challenge page, 66 is the days that it actually takes us on average to introduce a consistent change in our lives.

Why small activities?

It’s much easier to take it one step at a time. Happiness is a journey and you are on it, if you are enjoying every day, even if it’s not all day.

And without further delay — the 66 Small Happiness Habits You Can Do Every Day:

1. Smile — a forced smile has the same psychological affect on us and others as a genuine one.

2. Concentrate on one point on the wall for 2 minutes — this is pure meditation.

3. Watch some stand up comedy.

4. Write down 5 things you wouldn’t like to change about yourself.

5. Have a glass of freshly squeezed apple-lemon juice. It will do miracles for your vitality, immune system and metabolism.

6. Set a small goal for each day. Just 1 thing you really wanna accomplish today (And stick to it)

7. When things work out your way, write it down and celebrate it!

8. Do something nice for someone you don’t know.

9. Send a gratitude text message to all your loved ones telling them why they are special for you.

10. Play a game that you loved when you were a kid.

11. Pray for patience, it always work for me.

12. Do something small that you like — have a beer, get a manicure, drive fast. Enjoy life!

13. Say “I love you”.

14. Remember, it’s always better to be kind than to be right.

15. Look at puppy and kitty pictures for 15 minutes.

16. Take the positive psychology strengths test

17. Jump 100 times — it works!

18. Take your dog for a walk and be there — enjoy it no matter how busy you are.

19. Do something differently. Don’t take the bus today, take the metro or go by bike.

20. Think positively.

21. Before an important event, stand in front of the mirror and encourage yourself.

22. Just eat that cupcake, you deserve it!

23. Listen to your favorite song again and again.

24. Find and repeat a mantra. “All is good and I am safe.”

26. Invite friends over.

27. Call someone and tell them you forgive them. And really do let go.

28. Dress up to impress (even when you are going to the grocery store)

29. Turn off the wife and 3G on your smartphone. For a whole day.

30. Write down three very specific things you are thankful for today.

31. Read a story with morals to it.

32. Choose to not fight — surrender and accept.

33. Get your brain to work with some sudoko or a puzzle.

34. Throw out something you haven’t used in over an year.

35. Dance to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

36. Give a free class on something you know well.

37. Ride a bike.

38. Write down a letter to your past self — maybe 15 years ago?

39. Do not watch the news today. At all. The world will not end (or it might but then who cares anyway?

40. Memorize three quotes that you like.

41. Go out. Side. Touch some nature and stuff.

42. Start exercising. Really. Even yoga counts. Just move that booty.

43. Get intimate with your partner. Sex does makes us happy in so many ways.

44. Don’t blame. It’s nobody’s fault.

45. Read an old journal/diary of yours.

46. Sleep for 7 hours.

47. Eat something healthy.

48. Join a positive lifestyle group online or offline, like a Facebook or Google+ page.

49. As soon as you wake up write 3 positive affirmations for that day.

50. Find the bright side of things — even if it seems insignificant.

51. Daydream about your future.

52. Procrastinate worrying for later.

53. Make a deposit in your savings account or retirement fund. Even $5 works.

54. Forget about the problem, look for solutions.

55. Call an old partner in crime.

56. Make a promise you know you can keep.

57. Go visit your primary school and teachers.

58. Stand in front of the mirror and make compliments to yourself for at least 10 minutes.

59. Avoid the drama today.

60. Go swimming.

61. Look at your wedding/graduation pictures.

62. Help a person in need.

63. Try making your own music. Play an instrument, make a mix tape.

64. Go out and run until you are breathless.

65. Do something with your hands — a craft, a painting project, fix your car.

66. Read mintyhideout.com ☺There is more awesomeness to come.

Did you enjoy reading this? You might also find the Happiness Workbook interesting.

Learn about more in depth happiness habits or learn how to welcome them into your life.

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BONUS activities:

1. Listen to some reggae music — Bob Marley is a good start.

2. Pet your cat as much as you can every day.

3. Start writing a journal.

4. Compare yourself to people who have it worse to inspire gratitude in your heart.

5. Take a picture of something you like, keep the memory.

Originally published at mintyhideout.com on March 30, 2015.

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