A Story About The Man Who Wanted To Find Happiness

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t want to be happy? No, right? Happiness is like the wholly grail of life — the ultimate goal and desire of every human being.


Because happiness and feeling good spiritually and physically are interconnected. And humans are wired to LOVE feeling good (sounds like a no-brainer, but it could be the other way around, just think about it)

Happiness creates a vibrational match between our spiritual journey and our human experience — it means we are on the right track.

Happiness is also related to certain hormones in the body that make us feel good.

That’s why all people want to find happiness.

But not all of us find it — we either don’t know where to look, for what to look, or how to find it.

I hope the following short story will answer or at least begin answering those questions for those of you who are on the journey to happiness and fulfillment, just like me.

Chris was 37 and he lived in a small apartment in the center of an average town with his girlfriend and his two dogs. He loved them all, but he wasn’t happy.
He had a good job as a chief architect at a prestigious company. He was quite social — he and his girlfriend didn’t miss a chance to meet new people and participate in fun events. He seemed to have it all, but he wasn’t happy.
Something was missing and after thinking about it for a long time, Chris decided to see a therapist that a colleague recommended.
The therapist’s name was Judy.
After a few sessions in which Chris and Judy talked about his life situation, his dreams, goals and feelings, she suggested that they did an experiment.
“Every week you come,” she started “I will give you a new task. You need to commit to doing everything I ask and not ask questions. You also can’t tell anyone about this homework. If you agree, I think I can show you where to look for your happiness and fill the emptiness inside your soul.”
Judy already knew that Chris has everything he needs to be happy inside of him. She saw that he has lost connection with his inner self and wanted to help him restore it.
Chris gladly agreed although he was quite suspicious of this therapist — she didn’t know him, who could she know what and where his happiness was?
Nevertheless, he agreed to the first homework which was
“Think about your workplace — who is the colleague that you like most but are not friends with? Who is the person you think is just like you and never got a chance to get to know out of the office? Invite them for dinner and spend at least 2- 3 hours getting to know them better. Find out if they are really as cool as you thought.”
Chris did exactly as instructed and at his next therapy session he couldn’t wait to tell Judy how great the dinner went and how fantastic he felt about finding a true soulmate. Judy went on listening to him for a while before she gave him the task for next week:
“I have a niece who is in college taking some architecture classes and she finds them very challenging. I want you to volunteer an evening next week tutoring her and helping her with issues she had with the subject.”
Chris didn’t like this one — he was working hard and he didn’t want to spend his only free time of the day tutoring someone he didn’t even know but Judy told him that they could only continue therapy if he did what she asked for.
So, unwillingly, he met with Judy’s niece on a cold evening and helped her with her questions. He discovered that he was a good teacher — she got it all! At the end of the evening they were both laughing and discussing architecture and her dreams to build schools in Africa.
When Chris went back to therapy next week he shared how he was going to tutor Judy’s niece twice a month so she could improve her grades and go for her dream. Chris didn’t want to charge her anything for the lessons, he just wanted to see her succeed. Judy was smiling when she was giving him next week’s task:
“Now this one is hard, Chris. What is the most unhealthy think you do on a daily basis?” asked Judy.
“Well, I try to live healthy and I exercise regularly but I always have fast food for lunch — pizzas, hamburgers or hot dogs, whatever I find. We are very busy at the office.”
“Oh, then it won’t be as hard. Look, you need to create a new habit just for the next 7 days, okay, let’s try. You will order lunch every day from my favorite vegetarian restaurant. They deliver to my office, too, and they are great. So no hot dogs for a week, can you do that?” asked Judy.
Chris was a bit confused — he didn’t understand how changing his diet can help him find happiness but he was up to try it because honestly he was fed up with pizza.
In the next week he tried different dishes from the restaurant recommended by Judy and was pleasantly surprised that they had quite an interesting menu and were always on time!
At his next therapy session he even brought some cookies for Judy to say “Thank You!” for the recommendation. He was feeling like giving back. During the session he explained that he felt very good that week because he could better concentrate at work in the afternoons.
“Maybe the healthy food is affecting my brain,” joked Chris.
“No, it’s not the healthy food,” laughed back Judy, “it’s the lack of guilt deep inside of you — you were feeling guilty for not eating a healthy lunch when you knew you should. Now that this is gone, you can better concentrate on work and be more productive. Hope your boss notices, too!” answered Judy throwing in a joke.
“I am ready for the next task,” said Chris excited, “I kinda like this, it’s fun and I get to parts of my soul that I have not been able to reach for a while. It makes me feel alive.”
“Not just yet.” smiled Judy “You will need to wait another week for the next task. I want you to use next week to reflect on the past three and maybe repeat some of the actions you took. Maybe become a regular at the vegetarian restaurant? I have other nephews that need tutoring in math, too, you know.” answered Judy cheerfully.
“Ah, no thanks, one is enough,” laughed Chris “but I will take the time to reflect, this has been great.”
“So, I see you next week same time?”
“Definitely, I will be here early and you better have my new task ready. Take care!” said Chris while leaving Judy’s office.
“See you next week!”

We too will need to wait for a week for the end of the story. No matter how much I want to give it to you all right now, I realize that you might need to also reflect on Chris’s experience.

Next week Judy will give Chris four more tasks and we will discover if he feels any differently about his life. Can’t wait to share this with you!

Minty aka Antoniya

Do you think Chris is finding happiness? Why is Judy giving him those bizarre tasks every week? I would love to hear your take on the story in the comments, so bring it on!

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Originally published at mintyhideout.com on March 20, 2015.

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