What Happens When You Find Your Dharma — Episode #1 Find A Human [Inspirational Story]

When I first met her she was about to get on a plane and go on her dream vacation. To the ancient city of Cappadocia. That’s in a desert. Or kind of. Anyhow, going to Cappadocia wasn’t my plan but didn’t seem like a bad idea neither. So I decided to follow her and go on this adventure. Of course, she didn’t know that yet. At first she was quite annoyed by me and didn’t want me around at all (I think she was a little repelled by me as well, to be honest) but by the end of the journey we were best friends, or at least she had stopped trying to hit me with something.

My human friend’s name is Elise. And I met her as a fly. But I’m not an ordinary fly. I am a Dharma Fly.

Don’t tell me you don’t know what a Dharma Fly is!

Well, okay, most humans don’t. Actually most humans don’t know anything so I’m gonna go easy on you.

Basically a Dharma Fly is a regular black fly that comes into a person’s life when she aligns with their dharma. No, I didn’t misspell it — it’s dharma, not karma. Karma is the butterfly effect kind of thing — whatever you do comes back to you (this is another matter best explained by butterflies so I won’t go into any more detail here). Dharma is the real meaning of the human life, the universal truth, like the answer to the question why am I here and is different for everyone. It’s why you are here and why you’re given souls and hearts and intelligence, all kind of it!

So when a human aligns with her dharma, there we are, the Dharma Flies!

Don’t ask me why, I’m just a fly! Even you humans with all your chakras don’t know it all, how could a fly!

I only know that I had to find a human who had just found her dharma and make sure I never left her. Some flies think that we’re protectors of humans because we can see their aura and can warn them if something isn’t going alright with them. Some of us believe that we test human’s connectedness with the force. The universal force. Some flies think we’re just there to be signs in important dharma moments. Like a cat or a dog goes crazy before an earthquake. You humans are all great but you don’t feel some important stuff and we like to help out. So enough about me, this story is about my human — Elise.

[to be continued]

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Notes from Minty

First of all, thank you for reading. This is just the beginning of a fiction series of short episodes that I’ll be publishing on the blog, hopefully every Friday. Now, as I am writing this I already feel accountable to you and the world to tell the story of Elise and The Dharma Fly.

But, honestly, I’ve not written any other episode. That’s good and bad because….

…..I can ask for your feedback and make the story enchanting for all of you! Please, please, if you like it or not, if you think anything at all about it, if you felt any kind of emotion, drop me a line in the comments or at antoniya.kz@gmail.com. All feedback and ideas are welcome, and I would love to mention you here in the next Notes from Minty section if you do comment and share your opinion.

….I haven’t written the rest of it yet! So I don’t know where exactly it will go, I only have a plot for a few of the next episodes (subject to change according to feedback) and I know what this story is about and that it needs telling.

So hit me up!

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Originally published at mintyhideout.com on November 6, 2015.

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