Ode to Music

When you’re happy, you enjoy the music but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics. — Frank Ocean

You consume me with your sound.

You lift me higher when I’m up.

You hold me tighter when I’m down.

I want to see you and touch you. Because feeling you sometimes isn’t enough. Your wavelengths pulls me back and forth, left and right. You lead me to utopia and hold my body to the cornucopia. Of Beats. Bass. Synthesizers.

We move, in sync together. I swing my hips with your crescendos. Then dropping down as you catch me with your lyrical innuendos. Making love on the dance floor, your sound reverberates within my core.

You seep in with every touch of my body and soul. I catch my breath as you wrap me with your forte tumbles and piano rolls. Every inch of me is yours as I’m tossed within your magic.

And when you leave, when you’re gone, you still linger within my mind. A part of you escapes from my mouth, a soft hum, a piercing whistle, but nevertheless, you’re there. Always. With me, within me, for me, a part of me.