This is a story of a boy.

He lived in a grand house.

Walk in closets, fireplaces fit for Santa, high ceilings.

But the best thing …

The spiral staircase.

This staircase was old but sturdy.

There were too many steps for a small boy with short legs.

So every chance he had, he climbed up and slid down the rail.

He never fell and the staircase never broke.

But one day, the boy moved away.

And then another day, he returned a man.

The man had long legs and was too big for the rail.

So he took the steps, one at a time.

And tripped.

The great staircase was wrong.

There must be a better way.

So the man went to design school.

7 by 11 was the rule.

The great staircase was 6 by 8.

No wonder.

The man became a designer of stairs.

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