Your experiences, and the retrospective observations are what really count.

Consider the influence a “career path” has on the decisions you make and the opportunities you take.

Career, by definition, implies that an individual subscribes to a specific professional path for a significant period of time; at the end of a career, you are supposed to experience a level of closure with your contributions to the world. The term gives way to a rigidity and narrowness that I simply find uncomfortable. It’s as if you are writing a fiction novel with a complete understanding of how the plot will unfold.

But that’s never how it really is. Your emotions, observations…

Put that textbook down.

My time at the University of California, Davis is coming to a close — and to be honest, this ending feels quite abrupt. The lack of anticipation has led to significant confusion about where I am, where I will go, and perhaps the problems I’d like to solve. But the disarray, certainly overwhelming in nature, has enabled me to derive a set of conclusions that I believe will formulate the next decade of my life.

I’ll admit that my freshman year was certainly where all the confusion started.

Here are just a few of my observations.

  1. Thirty thousand students across a campus that felt more like it’s own…

by the creators of Dojo

This is a story about a failed attempt at building a network to discover micro-communities. Dojo was the first underground ecosystem that empowered powerful opinions, unadulterated content and free thought.

First things first — the code is yours!

Github for iOS:

Github for API:

Website v1:

Website v2:

Website v2:


The idea was conceptualized June 2014 by Michael and me after my high school graduation. The platform allowed creators to post images, videos, links and texts to groups housing like-minded individuals. These groups were dubbed “Dojos” and recommended them based on your location. It was now effortless to find virtual homes around the world.

v1 of Dojo


Development wasn’t easy. We slaved away designing 10 iterations of a UI, writing endless lines of…

Minu Palaniappan

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