Community Update | 2018-Q3

Hi Minute Bar Community,

We are delighted to share that we accomplished some major milestones in development of the overall concept Minute Bar.

Ever since the closure of our Beta location in Groningen, we have been developing our systems.

We had to create a complete new architecture for the front_ and back-end.

With the tool-kits provided by Jibo Inc. we included JIBO in Your Next check-in experience, making the concept of Minute Bar even more sustainable by saving lots of energy & costs.

Also at the back-end we reached big milestones. We’ve continued the development of Smart Contracts (Blockchain) and are now able to divide turnover among participants in a decentralized and autonomous way (4.0 compliant), without any possibility of downtime, fraud or censorship, using the distributed ledger of the Ethereum Network.

We are dedicated making it more fun & easy for our own community, connected community platforms and … everyone else.

We scheduled the launch of some exciting things, including the BE A HOST app. Giving all Jibo Owners the opportunity to morph their Jibo into a Pay-Per-Minute Host and spread our story on a global scale to a wider audience. Stay tuned …

Exclusive for JIBO Owners

Thank you so much for being true Minute Bar supporters.

With innovative regards,

Minute Bar

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