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Nope! IS has not attacked Turkey, which has given them free access to Syria. Without Turkey enabling such traffic through its land and airport, and allows back the flow of oil and money and Toyota trucks that IS drives, IS would not be nearly as effective as it has been. Erdogan claimed that IS did terror attacks in Turkey, which makes no sense, why would IS bite the hand that feeds it?

Additionally, it is a fact that IS is armed and funded by the Saudi and Qatar, and the weapons they use are american weapons delivered through the saudis. It also a fact that IS is serving its exact purpose, break the Syrian territory apart, thereby helping enable what the west, the Saud, Israel and Turkey want, a weakened Iran ally, a kurdish state, no kurdish state, the braking on shia influence in Saudi sphere, and control of Syrian oil fields and energy reserves…along with keeping Russian influence at bay.

So, IS has not attacked Turkey (false flag by Erdogan), IS has not attacked Israel (Israel actually treats wounded Nusra fighters in Israeli hospitals…and one may suspect a greater level of involvement).

It is not for nothing that the biggest blows to IS was dealt by the Syrian, the kurds and the Russians. Meanwhile, neither Turkey nor the US has been fighting IS. Why? And why protect some of these terror groups that Russian is targeting?

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