There is no way I am voting for Trump, I am also a staunch supporter of women’s rights, a staunch feminist, but this uproar over the tape makes me want to vote for Trump. 
Why? Hypocrisy! (no, not mine, societal hypocrisy.)
What we are missing is this, and it became clear to me yesterday as I considered my own feelings about this issue. Trump’s supporters are reacting mainly to the institutional hypocrisy they feel permeates our society. They feel that one side of the country, the liberal side, is erecting a double standard that condemns their side for its sincere social, moral and economic beliefs while running around pushing social, moral and economic beliefs that are not as grounded either culturally, socially or historically. Not only, they feel, they are not being listened to, they are ridiculed for holding on to or voicing opinions that were legitimate in this country since its inception, and that are SINCERE opinions. Meanwhile, they feel, the liberal side gets to do whatever it wants, sacrificing the country in the process, WHILE targeting them in their outer/practical lives as well as in their social/moral lives.

The role Trump plays is not in any policy realm really, he serves solely as the catalyst for the anger half of this country feels, which stems from the single most important keyword of these elections, UNFAIRNESS. The feeling that things are unfair is, however, a passive one, which yet requires an accelerant in order to turn into an acting element, a combustible. Such accelerant, such fuel is the feeling that the situation is not only unfair but also hypocritical.

Now most of the accusations that have been leveled against Trump are dwarfed by things Hillary and Bill (yes, we can’t separate them) have said or done. Trump is a liar? Hillary is a liar. Trump is an economic opportunist/tax cheat? The Clinton foundation (enough said). Trump is racist? Hillary’s superpredator and prison industrial complex have decimated the Black family. Mexican rapists? Obama/Hillary massive deportations, including of children fleeing Honduras… Trump’s links to Putin (what a silly argument)? Hillary’s pay to play/ Saudi Arabia connections…
And now we have Trump’s comments on women…How can they not bring up Bill Clinton’s own extensive documented history of groping, near sexual assault, relentless infidelity and possible rapes? Bill was given a pass by that liberal side I mentioned above, which still fetes him as a moral and upstanding leader…

In the eye of the Trump supporter, there is nothing about him that is as bad as what Bill and Hillary represent/have done; therefore, to them, an attack on Trump for less than Bill/Hillary have done is not only unfair but hypocritical. And though a person might be patient facing unfairness, which s/he thinks s/he can overcome by bypassing the circumstances that subject them to that unfairness, once the person feels that the situation is hypocritical, s/he realizes there is a subjective and immoral structure that is not only conscious of the unfairness it thrives on, but is actively maintaining and justifying it; part of that toolkit being to blame the victim of unfairness for such unfairness. This makes a patient person willing to doubt their senses and buy into the American dream and working extra hard into the person who realizes s/he is being tricked and feels therefore morally justified in illogical, irrational and possibly violent action.

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