Traditional Muslim values versus Traditional Arabic values

We ought to stop saying traditional Muslim values and call them what they are: traditional Arabic values. The patriarchy of Islam is a cultural patriarchy, and one that is lessened as one moves away from its core that is Saudi Arabia. And as long as we conflate Islam with such traditional values, we are reinforcing the stigma and the structure, while insuring more people buy into that fallacy. 
Few things are as horrendous as to see a female new convert who willingly embraces along with her shahada the self-imposition of the structure of Arabic patriarchy, which she deems the necessary companion of her faith, and this is a reflection of both male’s reinforcing of the patriarchy by recruiting and female reinforcing of the arabic patriarchy through passivity. 
Words matter as they convey ideas, and ideas matter because they are the building blocks of concepts, upon which we build society. No change can happen unless we use the right words to convey the rights ideas in order to erect the right concepts for a right society. 
The problem is not Islam, its book, its tenets, its Prophet, the problem is the context and the interpretation of the verses, and the filtering of all, history, verses and ahadith through an incredibly stubborn set of cultural mores that once included the burying of female infants (which echoes still in the blanketing of female presence in Arabian society.)

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