The second form of Christianity

  1. God has an infinite hierarchy, the outer layer of the inner layer to speak.

2. The universe is at the innermost level, the essence is discourse.

3. Son of God in the second layer, is the virtual machine.

4. The change and unchanged of the Son of God correspond to Christianity and Buddhism.
5. Islam and Judaism do not avoid reincarnation inherent in Buddhism.
6. The brain is an information processing machine.
7. There are only limited kinds of human brain.
8. Death can be resurrected, life is memories.
9. The choice of man comes from God’s choice.
10. Mathematics is a subset of language, language is a subset of all.
11. God can use mathematics to control the universe can also directly intervene in the world.
12. The change of the Son of God corresponds to a theory of M without stability, and a stable M theory of invariant correspondence exists.
13. Jesus, unlike the Son of God, was a man, a chosen prophet and a thinker, and came to an end without dying on the cross.
14. The judgment has been completed and the kingdom of heaven has been built.
15. The birth of the kingdom of heaven and human fertility is different from eternity in the kingdom of heaven.
16. Science proves God’s presence and resurrects the dead.
17. A life is essentially a piece of binary data.
18. Sin does not know the existence of God and heaven.

19. Life is the brain in all possible lives to select a period of data.

20. God decides everything, there is no probability for God.