It’s Friday Night & What Was The Name Of That Restaurant We Wanted To Try?

Clean Your Restaurant Clutter With The SALT App

SALT App for IOS and Android OS

We’ve all had those moments when a friend calls you last minute on Friday afternoon and asks if you want to meet for dinner in a few hours. You talk about what time and then the dreaded question comes up of where to go to indulge your culinary appetite.

The air between you on the phone becomes like the wind whipping around far out to sea with dead silence. Where do we go to eat, you’re thinking?

You chat about places you’ve already been to and you both decide that tonight you need a new place to sample.

You remember some fabulous restaurant you read about on social media and how it was supposed to be some amazing gastronomy delight, but you can’t remember the damn name of the place. It was probably something trendy and chic, like “Modish” or “Vogue Veggie” but you truly can’t remember. You scroll back in your feed to see if it you can find the article, knowing full well there’s so much on social media that you’ll never see it again.

It drives you nuts that you can’t think of the name of that place! What the heck was it?

We have all been in that spot. Here at MioStorie, we live for the last-minute restaurant choice after the workday ends. So, we decided to take a look at some restaurant apps that might help ease that last minute Friday night panic.

We looked at all the top apps for restaurant reviews and listings and the usual suspects came up. Yelp™, Zagat™, and Open Table™ to name a few of the more popular ones. With these apps the information is great, and you can favorite restaurants you like, but the down side to these apps was enough to make the staff at MioStorie not vote in their favor.

The down side is that Yelp™, Zagat™, and Open Table™ are all apps that the restaurant needs to be listed/subscribe to, in order for them to show up in your search.

For example, if Ray’s Pizza around the corner from my apartment hasn’t listed itself with Yelp or Open table because they are trying to avoid the cost of listing, then when you search restaurants in your area Ray’s Pizza won’t be there.

So what about all the best kept secret places that are not listed? How do you keep track of those restaurants or the ones you see in your social media feeds, on tv or in some type of advertisement?

Or what about the restaurant that your friend recommends? Where do you keep that list?

The answer we found was an app called SALT. They allow you to enter your own restaurants as a way of making your favorites list.

You simply enter the restaurants name and see if it is in the SALT database. If it’s not they allow you to put whatever details you know about the restaurant so that you can recall it later. That’s what makes this app better from a standpoint of having all your lists in one location. You can enter in a restaurant, a bodega, a deli spot or Grandma’s house if you think it’s worth it’s “salt”. Get it…

SALT also uses the typical search and filter functions for restaurants that appear in the database. You can search by area, price or rating.

We also felt like the information page you get on the restaurants in the SALT app was easier to follow and the information was set up in a more organized way.

The SALT app for our team members at MioStorie who are always scrambling on a Friday or Saturday night to find a place to meet with friends, won hands down.

It gets our vote for the best restaurant keeping/listing app out there!