Miostorie Announces New Children’s Book Series, The Fatty Cat BakeShop Kick Off & The First of Six E-Book Publications

Fatty Cake BakeShop New E-Book Series Published By MioStorie Inc.

We are pleased to announce to our subscribers and readership a new series in the Children’s Picture Book arena. The Fatty Cat BakeShop And The Cupcake That Tastes Like The Sun has been published and is available now for download via iTunes iBook’s and Amazon Kindle. Hard cover copies can also be purchased through media outlets and bookstores.

The Fatty Cat BakeShop series of books will all be distributed in 2018 and a total of 6 books will be complete the series in December of 2018.

The Fatty Cat series is based upon a particularly talented black cat named Fatty who is the head baker at the Fatty Cat BakeShop and his brother Finn also an employee of the BakeShop who does more tasting then he does working.

Follow the adventures of Fatty Cat and his brother Finn as they bake and taste their way into fun filled adventures at the Fatty Cat Bakeshop and beyond!