Miostorie Celebrates Over 500K in Subscribers. Thank you!

Miostorie Celebrates Reaching 500K in Subscribers

We launched our little blog With Emely Rowan at the helm in the fall of 2013 with very little knowledge of this new platform called blogging. As writers we came together to put forward ideas that we thought readers would enjoy and benefit from.

The point of us starting this endeavor was to enhance the lives of people, particularly women. So, Emely Rowan and a few of her friends formed a small company called Miostorie where we all own and control the publishing of everything that we put out there in this digital world.

Miostorie was founded so that our writers didn’t operate in a vacuum, one not know what the other was working on. It has proven to be a wonderful and beneficial approach to blogging and storytelling. We all contribute sometimes to the same blog post, sometimes on our own and the writing that we put out there is passed through many creative minds in our organization to ensure that it is the best quality and most informative content for our subscribers and readership.

Well, now we can say it works. In November of 2017, we celebrated having over 5000,000 subscribers or family members as we call them here at Miostorie. Emely Rowan and the writers and editors here at Miostorie have proven that working together as a team and developing each other’s creativity has turned us into lethal writing machines for the benefit of our subscribers.

Having 500,000 subscribers is the 1st step to passing the word on that creativity breads creativity and that women are a force to be reckoned with in that creative space. We are so thankful and are blessed to have our subscriber family, we appreciate each and every one of them.

And we know they appreciate us with the very high retention rate we see within our family of readers. They always seem to find time to see what we are writing about and to give us their feedback. For that, we are grateful beyond words!