Oprah For President? Oprah Defends Free Press in Powerful Golden Globes Speech

Oprah Winfrey Accepting The Cecil B. De Mille Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Golden Globes

At the Golden Globes this past week Oprah Winfrey dedicated a portion of her speech to the value of having a free press. She also talked very strongly on the position of women in this industry and in the industries, that encompass Hollywood in general.

She had very strong words for those women who are now speaking out and the power that they possess with their voices.

One of the remarkable things in that speech was how so many topics seemed to be intertwined.

She spoke about Recy Taylor and the terrible hate crime she endured. She also mentioned Rosa Parks and went onto discuss the Me Too movement that is underfoot today. She also talked about women who are speaking out about equality and those that have been treated unfairly in the workplace specifically because of their gender.

As the speech took on a life of its own and it wandered the way through media outlets being recapped and replayed, the intertwinement became more apparent than ever. Oprah discussed racism, and then more specifically with the Rosa Parks mention she brought in racism against African American people. As well, intertwined in that speech was the topic of sexual abuse and harassment as well as the oppression of women in one form or another by men.

So many very powerful topics addressed and intertwined in one speech as Oprah was honored with and accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. How do they all relate though?

The topic of racism toward African Americans has been a long standing and still ongoing crime against humankind that we seem to not be able to truly abolish. How does that tie into the sexual abuse and harassment today against women? Or the pure oppression of women who are held back in the work place or made to feel inferior by powerful men in whatever industry they work in.

What’s the common denominator here? HATE. Hate is what intertwines and binds all these topics together. That’s what all these topics have in common.

Oprah could of spoke about other crimes against humanity by humanity and they all ring true with the same commonality. The message of pure and simple hate. Hate for one another on a massive scale that allows such atrocities to happen in our history.

The speech Oprah gave was powerful and if there was more time on an award show like that, I would have rather heard her continue versus hearing the rest of the night’s award recipients thank everyone for their awards.

After the speech made it’s rounds we heard loud and clear that people were talking and contemplating and wishing that perhaps Oprah would make a run for the presidency.

Someone with little to no experience running a country, no experience in politics in general, and she seems to be the buzz for candidacy when we’re still 3 years away before considering another president. What is driving this loud cry for a figure of Oprah’s quality, who basically doesn’t have much in the way of experience?

And the answer is, we are thirsty and starving for a leader who will lead us toward a land with true equality and tolerance for all humankind. A leader who underneath all the political agendas, economic and social issues addresses the issue of the morality of this population or lack thereof. A leader who works to truly abolish hate and who sees that hate is the root of our problems. A leader that sees that hate leads to immorality which leads to greed and so on.

A president isn’t just a leader who deals with national budgets and political relationships, a leader is someone who leads the people by example and by action.

And the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world should first and foremost, lead by example and action and should speak out against the one topic that should matter the most. The moral compass and intolerance of hate against our humankind by our humankind.

That would be a president that I think many people could get behind and vote for, whether it’s Oprah Winfrey or not.