The Highly Anticipated Fake News Awards for 2017

CNN FALSELY reported that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim that he was told he is not under investigation.

The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards recipients were published by GOP this past week and it got our team thinking of the whole topic of “fake news” and what that means to our readership and subscribers. But before we address that, let’s look at the award recipients and the medals of honor they now carry with them in this category.

And the award goes to… In the fake news category all the top players from CNN, Newsweek, Time, ABC News, Washington Post and New York Times all took home a shiny fake news statue.

For example, one of the top awards goes to ABC News’ Brian Ross. Brian Ross was nominated and won for his Brian Ross CHOKES and sends markets in a downward spiral with false report blunder.

Now we all know that Brian received a demotion from ABC after this particularly terrible faux pas on his part, but is that enough?

The topic of fake news here at Miostorie makes us shudder with fear. We pride ourselves on bringing our readers accurate, truthful and fact checked information.

While saying that, when we report on topics like bad customer service or what dance studio you should pick for your daughter, if some of our information is not accurate the world surely wouldn’t stop spinning. And yet here behind our little Miostorie doors working with a small team of fact checkers and researchers, we always seem to manage to get to the truth.

The sad part is fake news whether on purpose or by mistake at a magnitude that we see it with some of these large global news organizations has an impact on our world that reaches very far. Financially and socially the impacts can be almost devastating if fake news manages to sway our people improperly.

So why the issue? At these big huge news and information installations, they have armies of people for research and fact checking and yet on a daily basis we see something get retracted or corrected, or worse yet we don’t hear anything at all.

So, it leaves us asking what the heck? Why can’t they seem to get it right with all the resources at their disposal? Or maybe they truly don’t want to or care that what they are reporting on is exactly accurate, truthful and fact checked. They’re playing beat the clock to be the first to air whatever the current breaking news is, so maybe they don’t even care to check facts.

It happens enough so that now we even have the Fake News Awards for 2017. How dis-heartening is that.

We’d like to hear what our readership thinks about these fake news awards and about how much of the news you hear do you believe versus don’t.

We are launching an email campaign in February of 2018 so that our subscribers have a voice on this very difficult topic. In the interim, please feel free to comment and drop us a line with your feedback.

Once our email campaign has been completed we’ll publish a follow-up to this story, so everyone can see the results of our poll.

Until then be cautious out there in this digital world and if you think it sounds fake, well it just might be.