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This week I am going to demonstrate about how you can create an Elixir app with the power of Plug and Cowboy. And after reading this post you can create an application that can provide you with better understanding of these tools and its also works as a template for creating small web applications if you want to start.

So, to start we are going to create an empty project.

after creating the project we will have to cd app_folder and add some dependencies over mix.exs

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In this post I am going to share how to make a Mix project with Elixir and Ecto. I was using Elixir 1.7.3 while making this project.

For this section, I started with an empty template of the mix project but its a template. More about this can be found over here.

After installing it I pulled a template form hex,

and after this run command to have a mix project with Ecto,

Now I have to open the project and update the credentials over the config/dev.exs

Github Link of the repo: https://github.com/prio101/gurdian_scrapper

I started to work with elixir language short time ago. And as people say, there are no other way better than creating small one or two side projects to sharpen your skill sets.

So, I started to think of creating a small scrapper script with elixir language specifically for this resource page on TheGurdian . They tried to crowd source and collect quotes and book data accordingly with time.

As example,

00:00:00h - “He is certain he heard footsteps: they come nearer, and then die away. The ray of light beneath his door is…

— sprint ends at 31st December ,2017

As a junior developer working with ruby-lang , want to implement a nice plan for 2017 . Thus after the year I can say that I made it.

Acceptance :

This plan includes solving more than 100 programming problems.

Making it possible to publish one side project.

Writing 12 blog post in 12 months.

Surviving with ruby on rails and learn more of software development.

Conclusion note:

Damn :p

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While developing web-application we always face such circumstances , when we are in badly need of some real-looking data which can get our application features in a proving position , for showing it to our client or even team or sometime it is highly recommended to create fake data that we can test against it the features we have created.

Ruby On Rails framework which is made upon Ruby-Language provide a easiest backed way that we can add seed data or fake data . But this process is also tedious .

But there are some more ways to do this…

We are living in a age of wonders. How can you tell? Well in few years back developers had to take a lot of pain to make a good piece of CSS. Now they have some pre-processors , new designs and new way of doing works.

So , a preprocessor. Sass is kind of one. By this time some of you may ask “Why the use of a preprocessor needed? ( In british accent )”.

I would say , The style sheets are not that little tiny peice of works anymore. Its even a lot more complex with new features…

CSS Preprocessor is new Pie in world of Web Development. And in my last post I started about a beautiful preprocessor named SASS. And this is another part after last post.

So , Lets get to the point.

There is some features in SASS like , mixin , with this mixin you can write down function like css snippet . Which can be used with argument or without it. Like,

Which will output,

So , it is a charm isn’t it? And…

if we start to talk about the web revolution , we can see how everything is starting to depend on the javascript. Moreover now new armies of technology get the Node Js . Well , so the fact is it comes with many new tools and funs.

Less is one of that.

Let us have a quick look on that today. Its a preprocessor of css . Its based on the node js runtime and yes partially in Rhino environment. Means that we have to get Nodejs installed in our computer to use Less. to install less we have to,

We do use editors in everyday manner . And If we are like those people who stay behind computer screen trying to make something eligible of throwing out of the window of internet , then we have a specific relationship with our favorite editor . Well sometimes it like a relationship that can be painful or sometimes which worth to know that is “yes its my editor here… technically mine…” Why speaking this intro stuff while we can jump straight to the point , right ? because Vim made me to say these.

I can start little history here …

Modern Ecology of advanced tools made web development quite easy and more welcoming . As you can see there is countless stuff out there to bake our scratch-pad quite quick. Javascript task runner is a new juice among web developers. Gulp is that kind of legion .

Dive into streams

There is task runner like Grunt out there . But still , Gulp is awesome . In my opinion it uses streams of very specific module which is baked to do a very specific task. And to learn more about it , please read this article :Grunt VS Gulp .

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