Simplify adding images to your Markdown texts with Liszt

Here’s the problem: You’d like to write a Markdown formatted text with your favorate text editor. Adding images though gives you extra work and this distracts you from writing itself.

When using a word processor like Word, adding images is done with a simple drag and drop from your Finder to your document window. When embedding images in a Markdown text you also like share with others, either your have to save your text with images in a folder, or you must upload your images to some public place on internet so you can refer to them with a public url in your document. Either methods are way more inefficient than the Word-way of dealing with images.

Liszt - a free MacOS markdown utility menu bar app

So here’s Liszt. A little menu bar app for MacOS which helps you solve this problem in a generic way. With a simple drag and drop it does two simple things:

1. It upload’s your image to the internet.

2. It places a Markdown image tag on your pasteboard so you can paste it into your text.

Liszt is completely free to use. You can download and use it right away. For now Liszt only supports FTP.

To illustrate how you can setup and use Liszt for your own needs, I created a small tutorial based on the free FTP hosting service Square 7. here you can create an free hosting and FTP account which works with Liszt.

Tutorial Liszt and Square7

Surf to and choose a unique account name which will be part of your public URL.

Create a new account on Square 7

When accepted you must only enter your email and a new password.

After validating your email address you can continue using this Square7 hosting account. Log in to see your hosting configuration details and continue to step two Download and configure Liszt.

Go to and click the free download button.

Open Liszt and click on the pussy cat icon in your menu bar.

Liszt lives in your menu bar

Click on “menu and settings” and choose preferences. Now fill in your account details like i did below.

Enter your FTP credentials in Liszt preferences

Click test connection, and when it’s OK your ready to go.

Using Liszt

So now you can use Liszt. Open your favorite text editor and enter the some Markdown text. Now drop an an image to the menu bar pussy cat icon and wait till it blinks or you here a peep. Then CMD-V your image link into your document. Check you image with your favorate Markdown previewer.

Bonus Tip: Use Command+Shift+5 to create a screenshot and upload it right away.