Hey Tech students, get your Free Software

With the tuitions, transportation and food, we are left with very little to spend on the cool softwares. Luckily there a several deals out there for students, and so Kim Codes and I set out on a journey to find what we could.

1. JetBrains: All Product Pack

JetBrains offers IDEs such as PHPStorm, PyCharm, WebStorm, IntelliJ and a few others for free. Like many others, JetBrains requires you to sign up using your university/college email address.

With every product code, you get a year, and you can renew it for as long as you are a student.

2. Android Studio

Android Studio is free for all. You don’t have to be a student. It is a great IDE if you want to build an app for an Android Tablet, Phone or even a watch.

Android Studio is available for both Windows and OS X.

3. XCode

If there is a free IDE for Android, there must be one for iOS! It’s called Xcode, but it’s only available for OS X. Which means to develop iOS apps, you must have a Mac.

Working with XCode is super fun and a lot of the designing is made simple through the UI drag and drops.

And just like Android Studio, it is free to download. Student or not.

4. GitHub Student Pack

Of the various free options listed, this is my favourite because this pack is like a bag of candies. The Student Pack offers great deals on Atom, AWS Educate, bitnami, CrowdFlower, Digital Ocean, Unlimited private repos on GitHub, Microsoft Azure, a FREE .ME DOMAIN with Namecheap and a few others great deals.

Some are free for as long as you’re a student and others are free while the free credits last. Check it out before you graduate.

5. On the Hub

Similar to the pack by JetBrains, this requires a student email address (These are provided by your institution)

OnTheHub offers great discounts on an array of softwares such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Corel PaintShop, Norton Antivirus, and lots more.

It also offer free softwares such as Windows 8.1 Pro for Students, Win 10 for Students, VMWare and more.

OnTheHub has teamed up with many other softwares to offer you more deals. Check these perks out at http://onthehub.com/perks

6. DreamSpark

DreamSpark also offers softwares for students. It is a part of Microsoft and also requires you to have a student email address.

DreamSpark offers softwares such as Windows (7, 8.1, 10), Windows Server, Visual Studio, MS Access, MS Project, MS Visio, and lots and lots more.

Let us know if we missed any!!

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