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9/11 changed alot of things

I remember waking up @ 8:30 AM PDT turning on the morning show to get the weather for the Day. Those of you who know CA know that it doesn’t rain from the late Spring to the mid Fall but a shower is possible in Sept & the morning was overcast. The first station(w/CBS) showed a smoking crater but no dialogue, the next station(w/NBC ) showed the same crater from a different direction, the third station( w/ABC) had a reporter standing in front of a podium w/ the Presidential Seal saying “ the President has taken off for who knows where”. At that point I knew that the Shit had hit the Fan.

I remember later in the day comforting friends & restarting my interupted project of referending an attempted Gerrymander that really took off after that. Having a last conversation w/ an elderly neighbor- a WWII veteran in the Indo Burma Theatre- who warned of equating 9/11 w/Pearl Harbor. Pulled over by a Police Officer who also had 6 other cars pulled over & writing me a bizarre Traffic Ticket that was never prosecuted. I also witnessed a squewed news report that went viral & led to Death Threats from Alt Right Talk Radio against a Professor friend who only said publically what Ted Koppel would say the next night on Nightline.

A lot did change that day

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