If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson


Take a deep breath & relax that you’re nightmare isn’t happening. First of all your rural county map is very misleading- my county which is one of the richest agriculturally in the nation voted for Trump but he didn’t get 50% or get the margin that Romney got (he also didn’t break 50%) & Obama won in 2008. So were all mixed up

Secondly Farmers may be Rural Trump voters but most Farm Labor is preformed by Latinos like 90+ % of it. They will go on working as long as they’re getting paid. Plus most Farms are not family owned/run but are Agribusiness operations owned by Wall Streeters & operated by managers. These managers could be easily replaced if the object is max production as opposed to max profit. You could bring in Dope Growers to run farms if the workers couldn’t run them on their own. There is also plenty of greenspace in cities that could be put into Food production & since We Anti Trumpers like our food natural it would not take that much in inputs.

Finally what makes you think that everyone who isn’t flipping Burgers or coding is a Trumper. There are plenty of Democrats who work in Trades & the Non College professions(& live in so called Red areas)that no knowledge would be lost. So if the Trumpers drop out that means more work for those of us who hate him- though we’re more likely to have voted for Hillary in the Primary than to have been Bernie Bros. And we can train unemployed millennials who live in the parents basements how to do these jobs.

Its no wonder that the media is flailing if your’s is a common attitude.

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