It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban
JC Weatherby

Its pretty clear that you are basically correct. I would even propose that these”Christians” are trying to impose Christian “Sharia” law on the rest of us. Sharia Law at its base is law derived from Scripture superseding Civil Law & imposed on the base community(Ummah) by the Religious Leaders & Clerics(Ulema). Our prior relationship with religious rule was the result of the Donation of Constantine in which the Christian Church was given Civil Power by being made the State Religion of the Roman Empire & more importantly the Bishop of Rome was made the Pontifex Maximus or Chief Priest of the Roman Empire. This appointment was the foundation of the Pope’s secular power since because He(they’ve all been Men so far) is the last remaining official of the Roman Empire which is now confined to 28 acres on Rome’s Vatican Hill. After the Reformation this status was passed to certain “Successor Churches” by State Rulers such as Anglicans AKA Episcopalians in England or Lutherans in Germany & Scandinavia. It is interesting that the Anglicans created their own “Caliph” by making the English Monarch the head of & “Sole Defender” of their Faith. The Founders wisely denounced this system by passing the First Amendment- it would also to me outlaw any type, Christian, Muslim or otherwise of Sharia Law.

I have purposely used Arabic terms for some of these definitions both because equivalent terms do not exist in English & to re enforce the closeness of Christianity & Islam. Nothing illuminates both the close connection between the 2 Faiths & the hypocrisy of anti Muslim Christian Conservatives then this practice.

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