We have always been at war with Eastasia.
Michael Arnovitz

Michael mostly good points & advice that should be taken . However we also have to remember that Left land beat Right land by 2.867 million votes so when you compare there is that. I also think that 70% of the vote for others would have voted Democratic if Trump was there alternate choice- only 20% would have chosen Trump & 10% would have either blank voted or not shown up at all. So the anti Trump margin could be as much as 8 million. Its also true that the “lands” are not equally geographically distributed so there are more Lefts in Urban Areas & regions w/ economic growth compared to more Rights in Rural & Distressed areas. The question will always be had Trumps people figured out that at least 90% of Republican voters would return to the fold on Nov 8 & if things broke there way they could win the Electoral College. The Comey Letter was their Game Changer- it drove more than just 90% of Republicans home- it hardened the resolve of 3rd party voters who might have switched to Clinton & kept some voters home or casting blank Presidential ballots. That plus some vote suppression in WI(a drop of 92,284 in total voters was not totally the result of no Clinton effort especially since MI had a voter increase of 68,383 with little Clinton activity) allowed them a victory of 77740. 77740/136,628,459 =.0569% or if you like 2,866,978/77740 = 36.88 votes for Clinton nationwide that were canceled by each vote that gave Trump the Electoral College victory in MI,PA & WI. As a comparison Al Gore only had a 543,000 vote margin in 2000- allowing for the 30% more votes cast in 2016 that would equal 704,888, divided by 2,866,978 = 24.59% . That means that Clinton’s margin was over 4x the adjusted margin for Gore. Of course the vote canceled was much higher since only 587 votes separated Gore & Bush in FL. One of the things that needs to change totally is the Electoral College or the insanity will continue.

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