Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

Noticed a real North/South & Midwest Bias i.e Eastern Time& Central Time- I know El Paso is MT but still Texas. El Paso County will also be one of the 5 or 6 Counties that will vote Clinton

The Pacific Time Zone states including Nevada & Arizona (AZ is legally MT but dosn’t have Daylight Savings Time so is basically PT from March to November)have 17 % of the Electoral Votes. In California Hillary has slipped according to Polls & now only leads Trump by 17%-CA has more than 10% of the total Electoral votes & 20% of the total needed(55). If you look at the rest of the PTZ Clinton is ahead 19–11 w/6 tossups(NV). The rest of the West is Clinton 18(CO,NM,HI) to Trump 18(UT,ID,AK,MT,WY). Lets throw in ND,SD & NE3 for an additional Trump 7EV & you have basically 25% of the total EVs (would need an extra 1/2 EV). So whats the total west count 92 Clinton to 36 Trump plus 6 tossups. Multiply by 4 & you would have a National score of 368 Clinton to 144 Trump plus 24(or 26) tossups. This is with the early September tightening- amove back toward Clinton would give her NV & AZ then is not out of reach either which could push the 4X equivalent to 438 to 100. The remaining Red States would be Red whomever was running.

All Trump has done out West then is make the purpleization of Arizona come quicker.

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