Are Float Labels Really That Problematic After All?
Matt D. Smith

I have enjoyed the post and it’s good to have different points of view but I have seen something that I have to comment.

In the point 3 you have added an image with a redesign of a form. It’s good to see how you have optimized some things but I don’t agree about using placeholders like labels.

Why? Because when you start typing there, the placeholder disappears and the user may forget the purpose of this input field. Then he has to delete the text and type it again. So, from my point of view, placeholders should always be used for examples, not for input information. It is true that it looks like more cool and simple, but it may affect how the user responds to the form.

I wrote a post about this (labels and placeholders) some months ago if you want to take a look:

Having said that, thanks for the post! It was nice to have another point of view :)

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