Vialma’s Team Tips For Remote Working

In light of the recent Covid-19 events causing more and more employees to work remotely, I recently shared some tips on remote working in this article. Since then, the Vialma team has created new habits whilst working from home. Every Monday, we share our tips in a video call together to help one another cope with this new way of life.

A typical meeting at Vialma

Check out our team’s top tips for managing remote working below:

🖥️ I am personally now lucky enough to enjoy a separate room for my work station. Although it may not be possible for everyone, I still encourage you to create a separate place and setup to clearly differentiate working time versus non-working time.

🚶‍♂️For our CEO, Guillaume, sitting the whole day was too uncomfortable given his back problems, so he now takes all of his phone calls whilst standing up or walking around his kitchen. It makes his day much more dynamic and filled with a little extra exercise time too!

⏰ Tim, our Head of Music, starts work earlier than usual on some days, so that he can make his lunch break last longer. He fills this extra downtime in the middle of the day with daily exercise. This way, his days in the week are less monotonous and more varied.

🎻 Jean-Baptiste releases isolation frustration through music! He grabs his violin on his lunch break and rehearses a few pieces before going back to work. I am sure he can already play some of our Violin playlist pieces too!

🍪 For Tuong Vy, she makes working from home more bearable by enjoying a variety of her favourite snacks. She’s gone back home to Belgium to be with her family and has been reunited with all of her preferred local food brands. Hope she brings some back for us when she returns, nudge-nudge-wink-wink!

🌳 Pearl, who just joined us as our Content & Community Manager, enjoys the outdoors during her lunch break as much as possible. Luckily, she has a garden where she can eat her lunch on a bench, but she also takes the chance to have a walk or a run in her neighbourhood too.

📵 For Caspar, a break equals no connectivity. He switches off his phone on lunch as he finds it’s the best way to clear his mind and come back feeling reinvigorated for the rest of the day.

If music is your thing, we have made a complete set of music programmes to help you stay focused, build your routine at home and even dance in the kitchen! Find our playlists here.

Vialma is a music service offering high quality editorial content for classical and jazz music. We’re a company of 12 people, based in London, Paris and the rest of the world. Listen to our curated content at

CTO of Vialma, a classical and jazz streaming platform. Triathlon enthousiast. Classical music nerd.

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