Some things cannot be explained;

How I see the jungle in your eyes,

Your sense that can foretell the rains

Before it wades in on distant skies,

Or the smell of your skin

And it’s power to take me within

To the forests of your kin.

How our journeys came to taction,

In diasporic cross-attraction

Amerindian piaiman fractions

In a whitewashed love abstraction;

How the tracks of the soul

Keep fragments of old,

Seeking to piece the whole.

Some things cannot be explained;

Why we are here together

Revolving as two on this plain,

What we are to learn from each other

Or what we are to lose or gain;

Some things cannot be explained.

I hear them call you while you’re sleeping,

In each subtle breath you breathe;

The voices of your tribe sweep in

And rest endlessly in the trees

Leading a path to your every place,

I tag each trace, match the pace,

Gather the whispers of my own

Forever to find home

In the temple

Of your embrace

Where reason is needless to ascertain;

Some things just cannot be explained.