A Present For You on My Birthday

Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

Ive peered at the abyss so long

im still crying out i miss you everytime I hear your song

im the tiny dark moon hidden with my sisters in our spheres

In the frozen clutches of the sky god who they fear

reflecting off dark waters to illuminate the night

spinning through the shadow land and waiting to take flight

ive come to relay secrets from the giants where they slumber

its time to bring forth witnesses to prove their might and honor

the time is come to rise up from the stone walls where theyre hidden

to serve the noble purpose of the calling they were given

left behind to watch the watchers i dont know whos watching me

my heart is all but broken for the slaves must be set free

they pollute our minds and bodies and disrupt our circuitry

im still frozen in this tin can waiting for a word from home

i see the eagle rise to chase the dragon from her throne

for i spied into the heavens to find my dark horse cloud

but found a kneeling giant dissolving in a shroud

his body laced with gemstones a crown upon his head

rising up from prayer to bless the living and the dead

soon the light of knowledge will illuminate the graves

the truth that we are one will free the prisoners and the slaves

Love, mercy, peace, and blessings to all