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I agree entirely the evil in this exceptionally wicked world corrupts the truth. It leaves both men and women in a state of confused self-inflicted hatred that is inflated and projected on all those around them. I was damaged as much by the misjudgment and harsh treatment I have received from women as I have from men in my sojourn on this planet.

I agree to a large degree this is due to the imbalanced influence of patriarchy as women are chemically geared to be more compassionate and until they are treated equally with the honor deserved, mankind suffers as everyone makes hateful, greedy, power hungry choices. But truly, I assure you, men of every race suffer equally in this, they’ve just been trained to deal with it differently. This is a very wicked world hence the need for every soul who believes in love to treat individuals as the amazing and unique works of art they are.

The struggle between the haves and the have nots is jealously wanting more than what one needs and seems to fuel the whole fire when everyone needs to just love themselves more.

Amazingly, even with centuries of tampering by man hands, the message in the Bible is still indelible to those who seek truth, hope, and love or lots of hate if that is the story you are looking for. I would never trust a person to tell me what god means, I get it from the source. Anyone trying to take your money to give you a piece of paper to tell you you have a brain enough to pass their tests is as reliable and helpful as the Wizard of Oz in solving problems. The gnostic gospels offer a far more balanced portrait of early Christianity and other eastern religions offer a much easier access to understanding. Most people of the Jesus-guru persuasion Ive met take refuge safely outside the walls of man made religion.

Personally, I think Richard Bach’s Illusions is a quicker and more enjoyable way to get to the heart of the idea. :)

Blessings anyhow,