What Goes On Behind A Great Logo Design?

It is a logo that makes your brand speak……….

I happen to come across words spoken by a most famous Graphic Designer Paul Rand in one of his blogs, what he said gave me an unprecedented feeling of the tenacity a great logo design plays to represent the brand he says,

“A great logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important that what it looks like.” It means a logo’s significance in the eyes of a customer is nonetheless less than a product but what it represents is above anything else. Paul Rand is not only a great designer, but a skilled salesman too who has made it a part of his life to make entrepreneurs n understand how a simple good design can fling the spark of magnanimity into their Brand USP.

For me, a good logo design is all about espousing what all is depicted artistically through each aspect of the graphic or a wordmark. In each logo design there have to be something like a spark that procreates the story and certain connectivity with the people. But to reach that level of preciseness requires much a great deal of auspicious thoughts by a designer and their creative ideas. To this Paul Rand says they should not be mysterious to bring originality rather than simple and yet reveals the story and creates a trail of beauty, wonder and attachment.

Here are certain proved points as what makes a great Logo Design:

Logo Should Tell A Story

For understanding this aspect in a logo, the pertinent thing is to get at gist of the meaning of a Logo itself and what this small icon can do to a brand. Logo is a replica of a brand and what the company represents. It signifies the company’s USP. So a good logo tells a story of your company what it represents, its motive, exposing its aim most thematically and yet articulately. However, here there is a twist, it really does not mean to create something what really a company sells, for example, if a company is selling a medicine, it really does not mean that logo should be an image of a medicine. It can show a theme revealing this medicine has a magical power to cure people of a particular disease. This can be shown artistically yet in a most simple way.

Don’t Allow Your Logo Suffer From the syndrome of multiplicity

It simply means your logo design is the most authentic of all the designs in today’s era. A best logo should be beyond the constraints of time and space in other words; it should be evergreen, represents your company, ageless, fitting, easily readable and understandable. A logo design should not look as cluttered or represent all what is happening in your company, but it should be neat, and simple and just show what your company represent and is essence of your companies various servitudes.

A Spark of Versatility in Simplicity

Logo does not work at a single spot or present scenario but in all the situations. Once created, it can be used for the business cards, packaging, invitation cards, letter heads, envelops, building signs, or can be added on the print and web. This makes it important for the skilled eyes of a designer to have a good evaluation of the color or color combination as it is highly un-speculated where you are going to place it for the promotion of your brand. A logo should look beautiful almost in every place and spot not merely on the paper.

Consistency Pays
There should not be any changes in the Logo again and again but should remain static, and this is what a good Logo stands for. A Good logo does not work in the present but are for every time, each occasion, in every situation and place. It remains the same generation after generations, as Logo has now created your identity.

In short, what sounds a most simple thing, but the same requires a lot of brain-storming. A logo should be crispy and clean deciphering a brand’s mission while rendering the symphony of the company’s image with its people. And this is what that make a Logo Design unique isn’t it.

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