Why Telecom Industry Will Look Completely Different in 5 Years and What to Expect

Miracle Tele
Jun 19, 2018 · 6 min read

If you take a look at the annual growth and income figures of multinational telecom companies and its evolution over the last ten years, it will become pretty clear that the industry is going in the right direction and that the customers are glad about the selection of plans and features their mobile operators currently offer them. But is it really true?

Just imagine that it’s 2023 right now and you’re about to buy a new SIM card. The mobile operator offers you a pack that includes a certain amount of free calls, free traffic, and text messages under a 12 or 24 month contract with restrictions. We don’t think that this is exactly how you imagined the future of telecom industry would look like.

In its research called The Future of Mobile Communications, GSMA claims that in the near future the customers will be expecting mobile operators to introduce more and more new features that have to do with advanced communications tools based on Rich Communications Services (RCS) and Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) technologies.

And though telecom companies in some countries have already started adding free use of messengers in their mobile plans, people seem to think that it’s not enough and want to see more value added services on offer. And, surprisingly, some of them may not be directly associated with mobile industry.

For example, recently the market has seen an increase in demand for VPN services — provided either as an additional feature for a flat fee or directly included in the mobile plan — due to certain limitations of freedom to access of the information in some countries as well as due to the general desire of people around the world to stay anonymous.

And if we want to make another step away from free-of-charge use of messengers and incorporated VPN services and forward into the future of mobile telecommunications, we will arrive at the ultimate solution.

Giving the the customer a complete freedom of access to both information and emerging financial tools via his mobile plan. Does this sound more like the future?


Miracle Tele is a mobile virtual network operator that provides high-quality international call and browsing services in one SIM card at low rates, making it possible for customers to retain their privacy rights as well as earn biweekly token holder rewards.

As a blockchain based project, we respect the privacy of our users and therefore we do not require them to disclose their private information to use our SIM card or stack TELE tokens and get rewards. KYC is only necessary when the customer wants to make a deposit using either wire or a bank card, whilst there’s no need to verify your ID for cryptocurrency deposits.

Miracle Tele offers a fixed rate on worldwide calls at €0.2 per minute and sells traffic starting from €0.01 per MB depending on the customer’s country. All incoming calls are free, the calltime and traffic are charged only on a pay-as-you-go basis, and Miracle Tele’s mobile services are available in over 150 countries.

The company’s business model, tokenization of the company’s assets in Ethereum blockchain, and community effort made it possible to introduce token holder rewards — via stacking which is similar to Proof of stake algorithm — and pay up to 40% of the net profit to those people who stack their TELE tokens.

This way Miracle Tele becomes the first mobile operator in the world that fuses high-quality mobile services at reduced rates together with financial tools powered by blockchain technology, providing people unrestricted access to both information on the web and the world of finance via cryptocurrency.


Apart from the features mentioned above, Miracle Tele also offers a range of value added services. For example, the customer is free to purchase multiple virtual numbers for one SIM card from any available country — like most of the EU states, the US, Australia, and so on — and use them either as primary or secondary numbers.

And in the near future we are planning to launch our proprietary wallet with integrated prepaid debit cards, VPN services that will come together with all SIM card plans, and smaller features like free messengers, one free website/service a month, voice change, and so on.

Looking a bit further into the future, another the technology that we are particularly interested in is the Internet of Things (IoT), which can be used together with AI algorithms in order to extend the range of use cases of the company’s services by incorporating them into home automation systems.


You can make a deposit via wire, BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, and LTC. The minimum deposit amount is €10, whilst deposits via bank cards are to be added really soon.

Once you have successfully made a deposit, you will be able to order your SIM card. International delivery of the SIM card via TNT costs €10 and you don’t need to verify your ID to order it.


In order to stack your TELE tokens, you will at first need to purchase them.

When that’s done, you will need to add any amount of TELE tokens to your stack on the website in order to start the process.

In two weeks after adding your TELE to the stack, you will receive token holder rewards amounting to 40% of the net profit of Miracle Tele divided between all token holders. Then simply transfer your earnings to the balance and spend them the way you want.


You can withdraw your funds via BTC or wire. The minimum withdrawal amount is €10, whilst more withdrawal options are to be added in the near future.


Miracle Tele’s token sale, during which the company plans to distribute 150,000,000 TELE at €0.1 per token, is currently open and anyone can participate in it by purchasing any amount of TELE tokens.

Also, in the coming weeks Miracle Tele is planning to launch a massive airdrop campaign and creative video contest as well as announce a lot more exciting news. Stay tuned!


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